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For our clients, Qarma bridges the gap between Artificial Intelligence and Global Financial Markets. 

Processing over a billion calculations daily, Qarma tends to out-think, out-pace and outperform the markets. Using a proprietary engine of algorithms, Qarma measures various market sectors globally and is able to provide above average returns to hundreds of institutional clients.

In partnership with Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension and Insurance Companies, Treasury Departments, Wealth Managers and Family Office Organisations, we work with financial entities, customising portfolios according to their specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of existing market solutions. 

We are not a hedge fund, we partner with asset managers who know they need to move towards Artificial Intelligence, but have found they do not have the staffing, or data to deliver measurable results for their portfolios. We become that bridge, that partner to deliver what is most needed today for so many managers.


Qarma is able to provide above average returns to hundreds of institutional clients, each with a customised portfolio according to their individual needs, and at a fraction of the cost of a normal Fund of Funds or Hedge Fund.


Given the thousands of various tradable assets around the world, just having comparative signal strength does not help the portfolio manager make the right decisions. The portfolio manager needs a system that will take this information, and process it for his particular needs.

Qarma does just this, and then delivers actionable items on a daily basis, or informs the manager if no action is required. Each client using the Qarma Technology Platform will have their own fully bespoke portfolio according to their needs, risk parameters, and so on. The platform works well with any market globally, and is flexible enough to provide value for the various needs of our institutional clients.


Qarma’s algorithmic engine monitors lists of financial assets, predominantly ETFs and sector funds, but also single stocks and baskets. The vast amount of data collected from these lists, which could date as far back as 15 years, is processed so that price can be split into 12 different spectrums.

These spectrums are not light spectrums as such; rather, they are best described as circular helixes. Each spectrum has an orientation to time, so there is arguably a similarity to moving averages. But the similarity stops there. We call these spectrums Harmonic Timing Strings.

The engine then attaches 51 different sensors to each spectrum, amounting to 612 sensor readings overall. These sensors take readings of time, velocity, phase, acceleration, and other proprietary components.

Each spectrum is observed and codified based on the instructions fed into the engine. In simple terms, the engine has been told to identify trades that would last, on average, a particular length of time: 1 – 2 months, 4 – 6 months, 12 months, and so on. Then, based on the measurements gained from the 51 sensors, and their relationship to the chosen length of time for a trade, each asset is ranked in its order of strength of reading.

We are looking for assets that show the strongest signals for a Momentum Reversal. The reason we look for this reversal is that it is the ideal point of entrance where the largest profit most often exists. If we can accurately enter the market at this reversal point, many other problems are negated. An old axiom that is often used is, “70% of a good trade is a good entrance”. This is what Qarma algorithms allow us to do. The rest of the Qarma platform simply arranges the information into a useable format for the fund manager to make intelligent portfolio decisions.


We take a very simple view with respect to what we are creating for our institutional clients. Qarma has been designed with the existing asset manager and sell side broker in mind. If your firm is in the business of providing Asset Management solutions to institutional clients, Qarma offer solid product management solutions.

At the heart of our partnership program is a simple philosophy that we have believed in for many years: that of fair and honest dealing between the parties, with a desire to build truly long-term relationships.

We look forward to hearing from you and to introducing you to the incredible world of Qarma – a truly unique artificial intelligence solution for financial managers.

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