Qarma has been developed to enhance human investment decision making through a systematic approach to identifying buy and sell signals in global financial markets.

What we have developed is not necessarily new, however, it is distinctive in offering our clients an automated solution for creating bespoke investment portfolios – using a broad range of financial instruments across global markets.

The results suggest that our clients can better navigate the markets in a risk aware manner: managing portfolios simply and, importantly; managing their investment business more cost effectively.

Qarma is a technology partner to the investment management industry.

We are not another hedge fund or investment management firm. We partner with investment managers and professional investors.

Artificial intelligence, rather than artificial construction, drives our Qarma engine. Our proprietary algorithms do not mine data to find spurious patterns or trends. Price, and price alone, is our only data source.  Price is the only data that matters in determining a profit or a loss.

Qarma’s engine views price through a prism enabling our engine to discern sensitive changes in price movement through changes in velocity, phase and resonance. Processing over a billion calculations daily, Qarma allows our clients to adapt their portfolios and seek to profit from the complexity that cannot be measured, or discerned, by human analysis alone. Importantly, Qarma has been developed to adapt to and learn from prevailing conditions – enhancing risk awareness in volatile market conditions.

Qarma – a systematic platform of portfolio solutions.


Qarma is able to enhance the investment process for hundreds of institutional clients. Enabling these clients to customise portfolios according to their requirements, in seeking superior risk-adjusted returns from their chosen investment universe. All this in a cost-effective manner compared to the price of many Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds.


There are thousands of tradable assets around the world. Just reading comparative signal strength of a given investment universe does not help a portfolio manager make the right decisions. The portfolio manager, or professional investor, needs a system that will take this information and process it to create actionable buy and sell signals and portfolio construction for that bespoke investment universe.

Qarma enables the investor to do this: delivering actionable items on a daily basis through the Qarma Technology Platform to create fully bespoke portfolios, with programmable risk parameters (or ‘dials’).

Moreover, the platform is adaptive – learning from past market conditions, applying that learning to future investment/trading opportunities. 


Qarma’s algorithmic engine monitors pre-determined lists of financial assets (investment universe). Qarma was developed as a tool to facilitate investment strategies using ETFs and sector/country funds, however, it can be applied to single stocks and baskets of securities. Qarma’s algorithms have been programmed to process the price of these assets over long time periods – splitting price into 12 different spectrums.

These spectrums are not light spectrums, rather, they are described as circular helixes.  Each spectrum has an orientation to time, and there is a similarity to moving averages. However, that similarity stops there. We call these spectrums Harmonic Timing Strings.


Qarma has been designed with the investment manager and professional investor in mind. If your firm is in the business of providing investment solutions, Qarma can help you build and manage those solutions with superior results and control.

As a firm, we have a simple philosophy, that we have believed in for many years: that of fair and honest dealing between the parties, with a desire to build truly long-term partnerships.

We look forward to hearing from you and to introducing you to Qarma – a unique artificial intelligence solution for financial markets.


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